Ombre Colored SBB
Ombre Colored SBB

Ombre Colored SBB

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Leather Colors:
A. Medium Brown
B. Dark Brown
C. Light Brown
Cream Thread

I originally designed the first version of this wallet for the 
$1000 Shattered Backboard Jordan video where I cut them apart and turned into a wallet. Lots of people liked the design of the wallet so I spent the last few months prototyping and redesigning the wallet to work perfectly for cash and cards. This has quickly become a favorite wallet of mine because of how simple and slim it is.




  • Holds 2 to 12 cards and folded cash
  • 2 card pockets, 1 deep side pocket for cash or cards
  • Premium American tanned full grain leather from Wickett & Craig
  • Hand stitched with abrasion resistant Ritza thread
  • 3-4 oz. leather for its durability and slim profile
  • Dimensions 2.75" x 4.5"

Hand stitching is several times stronger than lock stitching done by sewing machines.


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Changes made from the video above

  • Slightly taller pockets for more security 
  • Folded back piece to fit cash better (before it was a separate piece that was stitched)
  • One stitch taller to make the back pocket easier to use
  • Different leather obviously