Autumn Lone Bandit Harness S/M Right Handed (S&D)
Autumn Lone Bandit Harness S/M Right Handed (S&D)

Autumn Lone Bandit Harness S/M Right Handed (S&D)

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No returns BUT it's still covered by our Lifetime Warranty!

What does Scratch & Dent mean?

Leather is a natural product that is full of flaws that include scratches, scars, folds, loose grain and other unique characteristics. We do our best to create flawless products from a material full of flaws, the result of which is a lot of useful and structurally sound harness parts don't get used. So that's why we decided to do this scratch and dent sale to help cut down our waste and to help you get your harness for cheaper! 

We also make all of our wallets by hand and occasionally we mess up or cut something wrong so there are a few of those wallets in this sale as well. 

While supplies last. Please expect up to 1 week for shipping.

Unlike other brands, the Bandit has an ergonomic design that contours to your body and moves with you instead of against you. Each harness is handmade to order right in our shop.


Harness with Updated Tethers
1 Updated Brass Snap Shackles with Braided Pull Tabs
1 Camera D Ring Screws
1 Nylon Safety Straps
Extra Chicago Screws
2 (3/4") Conway Buckles
Chicago Screw Wrench
Cotton Travel Bag

All of our goods are handcrafted and made to order. Our current shipping policy and lead times can be found here.


Your body isn’t made of straight lines, so your harness shouldn't be either.


The seamless back shoulder pieces can eliminate pressure and points that cause you pain.

Fixed Hardware

Permanent hardware makes your harness light and maintenance free.