Box-o-leather scraps
Box-o-leather scraps
Box-o-leather scraps
Box-o-leather scraps
Box-o-leather scraps

Box-o-leather scraps

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Box-o-leather scraps offers a solution to excess leather waste, providing you with quality leather in an economical, environmentally-friendly package. The box contains an assortment of leather sizes and shapes, giving you the opportunity to create or upcycle with premium leather without the high costs. Get the same quality leather we make our harness out of for your projects with minimal environmental impact.

Each box provides you with the necessary material to create stylish and unique accessories such as bracelets, belts, keychains, coasters, etc. With a vast array of colors, textures, and shapes, it’s easy to customize your accessories to fit your own personal style. Get creative and make endless projects to share with your friends and family.

How to order:

  • Choose either a 3 pound or 10 pound box
  • Choose your color (Tan, Light brown, Dark brow, Black, or multicolor) 
  • Choose your type of scraps (Project pieces, Thin lace scrap, Belt scrap, or a combination of all) 

*"Multicolor" and "combination" options will be pulled at random, offering a wide variety of colors and cuts. 

Scrap Specs:

Project pieces- Are larger chunks of leather good for small leather goods and accessories.

Thin lace scraps- Are long, thin pieces of leather good for braiding, bracelets, or other accessories. 

Belt scraps- Range in widths of .75",1.25",1.5" and lengths of 5"-25". Good for bracelets, straps, handles, keychains, and many more accessories.  

*All belt scrap widths will be chosen at random 

Leather Specs:

Tannage: chrome and/or vegetable tanned 

Type: CXL, Harness, Domane 

Leather thickness: 7-9 oz 

Tanneries: Wickett and Craig, Horween, Seidel 

Temper: Firm

Country of origin: All Tanned is the USA