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The Bandit

The Bandit Harness is a slimmed down version of The Drifter. Unlike other brands, the Bandit has an ergonomic design that contours to your body and moves with you instead of against you.


Your body isn’t made of straight lines, so your harness shouldn't be either. Contours mean comfort, even after hours of shooting.


The seamless back shoulder pieces helps eliminate pressure and points that cause you pain.

Fixed Hardware

Permanent hardware makes your harness light and maintenance free.

Three Innovations

1. The Back-Bridge spreads the weight of your cameras across your back, instead of carrying all that weight around your neck, providing for a much more comfortable experience.

2. The Tethers provide easy-access to your cameras without pinching skin, clothes or hair in the process.

3. The Hip Anchors allow the weight of your cameras (and lenses, man those things get big and heavy!) onto your hips. This is great for two reasons. First, it allows you to move around without your cameras swinging and bumping into things. Second, it allows the weight to be put on the hips, allowing for an even more-comfortable experience. Especially on those long days.