Lasso Link Expansion Pack (12 Links)
Lasso Link Expansion Pack (12 Links)
Lasso Link Expansion Pack (12 Links)
Lasso Link Expansion Pack (12 Links)

Lasso Link Expansion Pack (12 Links)

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Lasso Link Expansion Pack (12 Links)

Add extra length to your Lasso Link Neck Strap, mix colors & more! Each additional Link adds ~2" in length.

Comfortable: Interconnected leather links contour to move naturally with you as you shoot & evenly distribute the weight of your camera

Adjustable: Easily add or remove links to adjust the length for the perfect fit for your body

Strong & Durable: Links made of the highest quality American tanned leather and assembled doubled over & interlocked maximizes strength per inch



  • 12 Individual Lasso Links


  • Leather
    • Tan: Wickett & Craig 5-6oz Harness Veg Tanned Leather
    • Light Brown, Dark Brown & Black: Seidel tannery 5-6oz Leather
  • Unattached Link length: 4"
  • Attached (folded) length: ~2"
  • Thickness: ~0.125"



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Quick Attach

It shouldn't take 20 minutes to put your camera on a neck strap. The Lasso Link is quick & easy, on and off.

Moves with you

Like your spine, Lasso Links articulate and move naturally to contour with your body as you shoot.

No Hardware

No screws stitching or rivets mean a stronger, more even distribution of weight across the strap and eliminates sticking and pressure points that get caught or cause you pain

Adjustable Length

Need it longer or shorter? Simply add or remove Lasso Links for full customizability.

Durable & Strong

Strength, durability & beautiful aging of high quality American tanned leather

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